Word to the Mothers

The Lord has a special place in his heart for the “Praying Mothers.” This is very important to Jesus. When the Mothers pray, there’s an authority in the spiritual world that cannot be reckoned with.

One of my favorite examples of this is Mary, The Blessed Mother of Jesus. She was at a party, a wedding in fact with her Son and a group of friends, and they ran out of wine. I imagine it was maybe like arriving at Chick-fil-a and there not being any Sweet Tea, or large cups or any extra ice. Guys, we might as well go home, if there’s no Large Sweet Tea, and if someone doesn’t type “Jean” on my receipt. (Yes, not Jenn, it’s usually Jean, and sometimes when I’m lucky it’s Gin, or Jan.)

This bold lady Mary, is probably like 40-something at this point. She and I share that age bracket. And I think she’s a lot like some of my mom-friends these days. Bold, bossy and will take-charge when necessary! She approaches her son at the party and tells him about the problem…they are completely OUT of Chick-fil-a SWEET TEA!!! It’s a nightmare up in there.

One tiny problem though, he had not yet performed a miracle publicly. So he said to mama Mary, “It’s not my time yet, Mother.” He was saying, “Chill, Mother, just chill.” But Mary knew. She knew it was the perfect time for him to share who he was with the world. They needed His power. And she knew he could do it. Now, we don’t get to hear any other dialog except Jesus pretty much telling her, “Not now, lady mother,” to her request. And the VERY NEXT scripture is one that I adore. (John 2:5) After she’s basically told “No,” from the savior of the world, she immediately looks to the servants. And like a bossy, 40-something MOTHER, who absolutely does not understand the word “NO,” she says to them, “Do whatever he tells you.” – Meaning, “Go! Get ready … line up, snap snap. Go tie your shoes, Jesus is about to fix it, y’all!”

I can also imagine the tender connection between this mother and her adult Son, whom she loves as she approaches him. She cups her hand into his elbow and pulls him aside. Because after all, she has authority to access Him. And his tone to her is one that sounds like “family.” He says, “Woman!!” as he cracks a smile…“why are you bothering me with this?!” And he winks, and grins again. And I think she raises her eyebrows high and suckers up her lips as if to say, “I’m not gonna even say a word, because you know what I’m actually thinking anyway, so I’m just gonna give you the Blessed Mother look right now.”

We don’t really know what the facial expressions were or the total dialog between them. I like my “Jean or Gin” guesses. But, all we know is that this MOTHER simply told Him of the problem. She brought it to His attention by faith, so He could fix the problem.

Her role was revealing the problem. His role was revealing His power.

After all, he was kind of busy and didn’t think it was time. However, his Mother, in all of her blessedness, turned to the servants and started giving out orders. She didn’t wait for a dialog to  evolve. She didn’t wait for permission, or the go ahead from The Savior, who was her Son. She just went into Action. And everyone followed The Mother’s orders.

Why? Because, she said so, that’s why!

His response in the next scripture is so powerful!!

“Fill the Jars.”

There wasn’t a transitional statement or even a slight discussion from Jesus on how much he loved her or any explanation of why he felt like doing what she asked of him. He simply responded with His miracle statement. It was just boom, done. I think Jesus was a lot like his Mother in that moment. “Go, do it. Now.” 

This was THE iconic first public miracle, the very moment Jesus showed a group of people beyond his close circle what he could do; it was at this wedding where everything changed. And, The Miracle was at the beckoning of His MOTHER. The woman who knew him. The woman who pulled him close to her and whispered, “You can do it. I believe in you.” Her faith moved him to fill the jars. Her snappy orders for action prepared the way for one of the hall-of-fame, all-star miracles of the Bible.

Mothers move mountains.

Mothers are major players for miracle stories.

Mothers are carriers for The Impossible.

So, mothers, pray! Mothers, don’t underestimate your worth or your power when you pray! Use that motherhood, bossy-pants, organizer voice of yours to direct the things of the spirit. Raise that voice loud over the demons that are attacking your family and tell them to get out. Raise your voice to remind your children and your family who they are and that YES, it is their TIME, and whisper in their ear and remind them, “I believe in you.”

Cup your hand in your grown-adult’s elbow and show them what problems are around them, because they may not even see it. Remind them that you know they are absolutely gifted in fixing it, because there’s a Savior who can help them!

“Son you can fix your marriage.”

“Daughter, you can pray your husband through this, I know you can!”

Remind them. Speak to them. Raise your Mother’s voice over them.

It’s time for the Mothers to rise, and access their God-given spiritual authority, and watch the fruit of their labor prosper!


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