The Good Servant

“Well done my good and faithful servant…” (Matthew 25:23) Do you know what Jesus was saying when he called the servant “Good?”Hint: He wasn’t just referencing the opposite of “bad.” I love to look at the Greek translation to help me understand the deeper meaning of scripture. The word “Good,” here, in Greek, is “Agathos.” “Agathos” means…

Pruning the Precious

I purchased my first Hydrangea, a beautiful fuchsia variety. I’m still learning about the persnickety requirements of these glorious blooms. Whether it was the soil, sun, or good ol’ lack of love, for some reason the blooms started wilting.  I felt terrible for my precious plant and tried nurturing it as long as I could….

Living in the Tapestry

Can you tell? I am definitely a wanna be cheerleader. Yay!! About 30-ish years ago I considered joining the middle school cheer team. However there’s the little issue of my missing skills for coordination, and my inability to jump more than a foot off the ground. That never stopped me from cheering big from the…

Oh, Mighty Daughter

When I say my prayer life has changed, it has changed! I have changed, too, lately in ways I never imaged. The presence of God has been like a lighthouse, a beacon of hope for my inner man. That light has cheered and guided my soul, in a very dark time. The things that were…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenn Hudson, a singer, a storyteller. A wife to Keith, and a mom of a Marine. I’m a worship leader, a queen of silver linings, a wellness cheerleader, and an eternal encourager. I dream of saving the world, and writing to tell about it.

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