Oh, Mighty Daughter

When I say my prayer life has changed, it has changed! I have changed, too, lately in ways I never imaged. The presence of God has been like a lighthouse, a beacon of hope for my inner man. That light has cheered and guided my soul, in a very dark time. The things that were once dormant, are now waking up, and coming to life.

My prayers definitely changed when I became a wife. They drastically changed when I became a mother. And now, it seems my prayers are changing again, as I am positioning myself as a citizen and patriot, praying for our nation. 

Recently, out of a desperate prayer place, I petitioned God for the state of our nation, “God I’m just a girl, living in Alabama, and I know I’m not an army, but I am your warrior, and a citizen of this great nation. And I’m praying for MY PRESIDENT, and MY COUNTRY. I’m praying for our HEALING, for our PEACE.” 

Through my declaration of citizenship, God showed me that when CITIZENS pray, there is also an authority (just like in marriage and in motherhood), that comes from the legal rights we have to pray and petition heaven for OUR nation, for OUR community, for OUR state, or for OUR property. So, when I pray, I’m not just a girl in Alabama, as my heart supposed. I’m actually a rightful citizen, a member, a legal part of something that I have authority to speak over, to pray over, to petition God for. 

The opposing, naysayer, downer kind of thoughts are no joke y’all. You know the little voice that sits on your shoulder and mocks you when you begin to move in any direction that is RIGHT and PLEASING to the Lord? Those moments have been hitting me hard lately and made my heart feel that my prayers may not matter much in the GRAND scheme of things. Because, who am I? Again, “I’m just a girl… standing in front of a boy… asking him to love her.” (Thank you Notting Hill 😉) But seriously, I did feel a little like Julia Roberts, standing in a bookstore, just asking a simple, schoolgirl-like request to the boy I love. Forgetting that this Boy, (Jesus) sees me as the most amazing star, the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. (Don’t forget God is our husband, and he is captivated in his love for us and he sees us as Royalty, even when we don’t.) 

I felt my prayers were so simple. Or rather, that I was just simply one person, and what can I do about any of these things happening around us? What can I do about the many things I’m seeing and reading? Things that honestly are so far away from me, and beyond impossible for me to fix. And I know I’m not alone in thinking that there’s nothing I can do about it. I know I’m not alone in helpless and nearly hopeless prayers. I feel you, friends. I’ve been there with you.

The Lord doesn’t see you as “just a girl.” He sees you as, “Oh, Mighty Daughter.” The Lord doesn’t see you as “just simply one person.” He sees you as, “His Mighty Warrior.”

Don’t be intimidated, lift your prayers up for our nation, for your community, your church, your friends, your family! Stake your claim as a citizen in this nation, and most importantly as a citizen of heaven. Pray with the understanding of your rightful position of authority, to make a plea for peace and prosperity over your land. You can do this. We can do this.

Our prayers as a CITIZEN of The United States of America make a difference.

I am praying for you all today!

I am praying for our nation with you, warriors!

Read: Psalm 45. You’ll see. ❤


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