And, She Laughed. (Sarah’s Story)

Good news, moms. There is a power inside of you over the things facing your family, and in the many things, you are seeking in your prayer life. This authority does not come just being a mother, but BECAUSE you are someone’s Mother. It’s easy to think at time, “this is happening to me” or be overwhelmed by the many things facing your family. But the reality is we are not without hope! Jesus has given mothers a unique superpower, that I’ve recently discovered, and come to understand it’s very underutilized.

When Mothers pray, things begin to move!

Here’s what we know from the word. The Mothers are mentioned. Intentionally, and thoughtfully.  Each of those stories are dripping with answered prayers, impossible miracles, and leadership prowess that would make a lion jealous. The Mothers were steadfast in their seeking. They were not afraid. Sometimes they had doubts, sure. (Sarah) And many times they had questions, like “who me?” (Esther) Or, “Okay, please tell me a little more, I’m confused? Because I’m just a virgin.” (Mary)

Sarah laughed when she was told she would be having a baby in her old age. Yet, the scripture reminds us that “She NURSED Abraham’s baby.” (Gen 21) I secretly imagine when she was told she would be having a baby, that she considered the sight of her aged frame, and how impossible her withered-up watering cans looked, and couldn’t imagine the sight of feeding a baby much of anything from those things. I think she was laughing and doubting more about her own flattened pancakes, rather than the ability of God to perform an amazing work inside of her. I think the doubt flowed inward more than it flowed upward. And that’s kind of natural for moms I think. Then, God, in all of his humor, archived her laughter of her old-lady stature for all time. 

The Bible is so funny at times ya’ll!!

But Sarah, bless her, (as we say in the south…) she knew her fading frame. She knew she was beyond HER years. And it took her a minute to realize just how big her God was.  Sure enough, God delivered His promise, and she delivered a son. I love this story because even in her moment of doubt, God didn’t give up on her. He said, “She’s my gal. She’s the one whom I want all generations to flow through. She’s the one – the gal that is a little awkward and gets slightly silly when things are serious. She’s the one I want to be my great-great and so many other great’s…Mother” She was a chosen GRANDmother to Jesus, the soon coming King.

Mom: you make a spiritual impact in the world, especially in your world, and in your children’s world.

What I’ve learned in my short time being a “blessed” mother is this:

–There’s a certain level of authority when we pray, that is given only to Mothers. It’s mighty, it’s powerful against dark forces, and it’s useful for the Kingdom of God.–

The only other time I’ve felt this level of authority is when I began praying as a wife, for my husband. When I began praying as a Mother, y’all…everything changed!  I’ve seen a new level of spiritual authority that is given in the Kingdom of God, only accessible by Mothers. And now, I’m very awake and aware of our purpose and position, especially during battles.

And, for every woman reading this who is longing for a child. You don’t have to give birth to become a mother. You don’t have to fill out paperwork and go to court either to make it legal before you become a Mother. I am CERTAIN of that. Motherhood is made in heaven, be open to hope for your child that’s coming someday. And the reality is the story of your motherhood has already been written. So in fact, you are already a mother right now. Because heaven says so.

Spiritual mothers are mothers.

Mothers who have lost babies, and only have tears of remembrance and scars in their hearts for their children – they are Mothers.

And the spiritual authority that I’m talking about is available for ALL mothers, no matter how “motherhood” came to you. It belongs to you.

When you are a MOTHER, and you are MIGHTY for the kingdom. Know it!! Own it!!

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