Drink Up Warriors

Inside scoop here: when I’m quiet it usually means I’m not totally present, and I’m pondering some deeper thing. Or, it could mean I’m stressed or have a bunch of racing thoughts. My husband always questions, “What’s wrong? You’re too quiet…” that’s when he knows things are really not well with me. When I’m laughing and being my crazy, expressive and goofy, Jenn-self, it means I’m pretty much happy and well.

Lately, I’ve been a little more pulled back, a little less expressive, saying my quiet prayers and believing for God to hear and answer me. I’ve felt like my prayers are “a lost cause” and basically pointless. And I know I’m not fooling God with my half hearted attempts. Praying about what we are facing in many areas, in our world, in our local community, in our family, with so many things, it has just felt like a reach for the impossible.

However, I pressed in with this prayer…

“Dear Lord, I know there’s nothing that I can do about all of the problems in my nation, and the amount of sin is disgustingly huge. I can’t do anything about that, only you can. So I don’t know how to repent for all the abortions, and the mass murder of both unborn and now born children, how your heart must grieve! Because, I’m grieving for them today with you, Jesus. I don’t now how to help change all of the chaos and confusion, only you do. I don’t know how to get our nation to repent, but you do! And all I can do is trust you.”

Then, the Lord pointed out something that silly me had somehow forgotten, “If MY people, who are called by my name….” God didn’t ask for the WHOLE nation to repent, he only asked for his people, and not even “all of His people,” specifically those who are called by his name. I definitely want to be one of the latter. As I told my friend recently, I truly want to be called by His name, a Jesus Christ, Jr.!

Then the Lord allowed me to see the story of Gideon’s army (Judges 7), where 30k soldiers were enlisted to fight a nasty enemy. This enemy army was one of the worst, you guys. They destroyed everything in their path, their name literally means, “the Army of Strife.”

The Lord basically told Gideon to send home about 66% of his army, because they were the ones who were afraid of the battle. It was too much for them and the Lord told Gideon to tell them, “Okay, y’all can go on home.”

(I’m pretty certain the Lord said “y’all.”)

Next, the most pivotal Warrior Test of all time came to the remaining soldiers… yup, a water drinking contest.

I’m all about a good competition, so this kind of excites me.

You probably know this story. Those that knelt down politely and cupped the water to drink with their hand he said, “Well, y’all can go on home, too.”

The ones that bowed low, got their knees muddy, and dunked their whole face in the water, and “lapped it up,” drinking it — You know, the ones who probably eat with their elbows on the table and don’t use forks for fried chicken — God said, “Y’all are my people, yes, y’all can stay.”

I promise I’m not making this stuff up!! That’s what He said.

And get this. There were only THREE HUNDRED WARRIORS that were left remaining for the fight against the nastiest army called “STRIFE.”

As I pray, I am declaring this:

“God let me be one of your water lapping warriors, one of the Gideon few, even if there’s only a few of us, I’m okay with that. But I want to be one of the crazy ones, the messy ones… no longer the ones who kneel politely and are afraid of getting messy. I want to go all in. I want to stand on the hilltop and watch your Angel Army destroy the hoards of demons in the valley below. I’ll stand proudly on that hill, with that amazing view. And, I’ll certainly be hydrated, from all my face plants in your River of Life. I’m ready.”

Oh!!! And, here’s the really funny thing.

Those few who were ready to fight, the mighty warriors, they didn’t have to do a single thing except shout a praise and make some noise!! They just stood and watched as the enemy imploded on themselves.

I think Gods ways are so ironic, don’t you think?

“Like a traffic jam, when you’re already late…” — to my 90’s friends…you’re welcome for that little throwback.

I know there’s an army of warriors ready to rise up with me. We may be few, but we are mighty.

Let’s go!

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